Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Rules of the Game

This is the third blog-project I've started. The first Simplest Things Last began in the summer of 2003, and lasted about a year, and I flirted with a project called "Elevens" last year. You'll see content from both those projects republished here, since I'll be losing the server space where that material is stored soon. This first post is to formulate the goals and rules for this incarnation, which I hope will last.


  1. Catalogue my intellectual pursuits by reviewing various "cultural artifacts" like movies, books, and comics.
  2. Articulate my critical perception of the world, especially in regard to aesthetics and information literacy.
  3. Archive past writing from the aforementioned projects.

  1. Make one substantial post a week, on Tuesdays if possible.
  2. Archive one previously written post per week, on Thursdays if possible.
  3. Tag each post.
  4. Review each quarter's posts to refine my taxonomy and revise these rules.
  5. Eschew obsfucation.
Currently re-reading "A"; watching 24 (season 2); revising dissertation chapter 5; listening to Arctic Monkeys, Haydn, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, etc