Thursday, January 4, 2007

Archives Project: First Post

As I mentioned, I'll be reposting older posts so that I'll have them collected in one place. The following is the first post from my first version of STL.

Title: "And then went down to the blog"
Date: 24 June 2003
Coming soon to this space, a weekly (or semi-weekly, or occasional) review of arts and culture. These mini-essays will be quick takes on what I've being reading, watching, hearing, etc. I'm simply trying to record my impressions without committing to a big undertaking or alternately losing them to time.

My concept of blogs and first blog posts hasn't changed much. I still want to blog more formally than most, and still on cultural topics. It's still implicitly a supplement to my awful memory: if I write up my thoughts I'll be more likely to have some handle on these things I find so important and spend so much time with. The rules are very loose and indistinct compared to my first post of this series. Formulating rules is something I have students in my writing classes do a lot. It gets them to think about goals and genre expectations. With goals in mind, you can then deduce what actions you could take to reach them.

Note on the title: A very humble allusion to the first line of Pound's Cantos. I love that book, but I no longer expect to imitate its scope in a blog (if I ever did).

Note on tagging: I opted for "old" to avoid confusion with the archives of new posts that I'll be making. "Series1" refers to the first go at blogging; "series2" will be much shorter.