Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2013 Q4 (belated) and 2013 stats

Horror: We Have Always Lived in the Castle; The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All; Haunting of Hill House; October Country; Twentieth Century Ghost ; NOS4A2

Crime:Red Harvest; Baltimore Blues
Non-fiction: Cognitive Surplus; One Summer

Sf&F: Dying Inside; Among Others; Anathema

comics: finished Astro City; Morrison's Batman, Batman Inc, and Batman and Robin; Morrison's Flash; Seven Soldiers of Victory; Seaguy 1 and 2; Steed and Mrs. Peel;  Blueberry 1

~25 books

Totals (shocking even to me): 65 prose books (counted Borges Collected Fictions and Non-Fictions as only two books), 105 total books based on rough estimates of long runs of comics (i.e., determining equivalencies between the runs and  "books" (TPBs)) (in other words, about 40 TPBs). Surprisingly, Crime had the biggest slice of the pie (18), followed by sf (13), fantasy (10), horror (7), nonfiction (6), and poetry (3). There were 10 books that I did not classify, mostly classics and more recent "literary fiction." I kept comics separate (i.e., didn't count sf comics as sf).