Thursday, January 18, 2007

Improvised Blather

I'm a part-time college writing teacher. Today was the first day of my last semester at my current institution, and quite frankly I'm thinking of changing professions. I actually like teaching, especially planning course sequences and activities. I'm not so good at class discussion, and I hate reading student writing (it's bad y'all). Today in class we did the basic first day stuff, going over course policies and talking about the basic concepts of rhetoric. Because I've done this drill so many times before, I didn't prepare as much as I should have, and as a result started to ramble. When I start to ramble, I sometimes create/force connections that don't necessarily exist, and then I'm stuck with them.

My palliative for this practice is actually the blog I keep on the course site. Right after class, I revisit the territory we covered, and get to revise/restate whatever I may have said, and attempt to draw together strands of discussion. This reflective writing is probably the most important part of my practice.

In other news, I accidentally bought the "clean" version of Kelis's "Bossy."