Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year

Since I don't have my calendar to write these things down yet, I'm scratching down a few notes on what I've been up to so far this year. By "up to," I only mean reading, watching, and cooking.

On Saturday the first, I started reading Tom Jones. I'm on a schedule of 85 pages a day which will get me done by the tenth. So far I'm enjoying it quite a bit. The rules of the road haven't been set yet, so Fielding will sometimes address us directly, sometimes tell us what will happen later, sometimes tell us what someone is thinking and will sometimes deliberately and flagrantly withhold information. He's not afraid of coincidence or long speeches or chapter long asides thumbing his nose at his perceived critics. I passed on the chance to see Black Swan at the theater, instead watching The Kids Are Alright. I made some split pea soup and then we went to a party. When we got home, we watched some of the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers vehicle Swing Time.

We finished Swing Time on Sunday afternoon. I read another chunk of Tom Jones and made some risotto style barley with citrus and arugula. In the evening, we watched three episodes of Breaking Bad, which we found quite addictive.

Today, Monday the 3rd, I went in to the office to start getting things together for Spring semester. I had lunch with my colleague Mike at a big and okay Chinese buffet. I rather dithered away the afternoon buying some music (Jack Rose, Beach House, Sharon Van Etten). Now I'm off to write a thank you note or two for Xmas presents.

Tomorrow, I'm going to do some work on class, hopefully buy a calendar and check out some brewing supplies, and do another big chunk of reading.