Friday, February 6, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole!

I missed the official Down the Rabbit Hole day when bloggers made posts which were significant departures from their normal styles. In that spirit, here is a list of 25 random facts about me personally.

  1. I am likely to be evasive, coy, or chary when talking about myself.
  2. "I get confused every day" is a line from a Sonic Youth that I like.
  3. I used to go to the comic book store almost every week. Now, it's more like every other week. (But I know what comes out every week.)
  4. I've taught a university course on comics.
  5. I got married in Las Vegas. Her name was Lola. She was a dancer.
  6. The preceding item is partially false.
  7. I'm pretty good at identifying Republicans by sight.
  8. I think fences built with the inside facing out are sociopathic.
  9. I think the work I do is important.
  10. Almost every day I think of Ben Franklin's advice to end the day by thinking "What good did I go today?" and "What good will I do tomorrow?"
  11. I have never uttered the phrase "President Bush" except when quoting a source. Not during the reign of 41 and sure as hell not during 43.
  12. 44 is my new favorite number.
  13. It used to be 11.
  14. Before that it was 3.
  15. I giggle to myself at the thought of adding "For a long time I used to go to bed early" to my list.
  16. "I lived through the eighties one time already."
  17. I like extreme heavy metal (your black metals, the death metals, the grindcores), but only as an intellectual, analytical appreciation usually associated with avant-garde concert music.
  18. I like avant-garde music (your Alban Bergs, your Bartoks, your Morton Feldmans) but only in a very visceral, instinctive way.
  19. I love making lists. The most ambitious is my Top 100 songs. The last time I did it, my top 5 was "Tonight’s the Night," Neil Young and Crazy Horse; "Divorce Song," Liz Phair;
    "Idiot Wind," Bob Dylan; "Tracks of My Tears," Smokey Robinson & The Miracles; "Brompton Oratory," Nick Cave.
  20. I'm having trouble thinking of things to add that don't have to do with books, films, and music I like.
  21. I like punctuation. I also like prepositions.
  22. One time, during a sensitivity training (there's no story there; I just work for a university), I had to write down the five most important things in my life. Then I had to talk to someone I didn't know very well without mentioning any of those five things. That really wasn't a problem.
  23. In A Pack of Two, when Carolyn Knapp writes, "I seem to spend a great deal of time just staring at the dog, struck by how mysterious and beautiful she is to me and by how much my world has changed since she came along," she could be describing my life.
  24. A rare steak and some roasted brussels sprouts sounds like a perfect dinner to me.
  25. My top ten lists of all time list: all those "begats" in the Bible; the catalogue of ships in The Iliad; all the stuff Gargantua ate in Gargantua and Pantagruel; All Known Metal Bands; the ways that Elizabeth Barrett Browning loves thee; "Top 10 Albums of 1986" by The Rocket staff; "The Comic Journal's Top 100 English-Language Comics of the 20th Century"; "Top 5 Break-up Songs" in High Fidelity; "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover"; Seven Deadly Sins/Heavenly Virtues (tie).