Monday, November 5, 2007

uh, missed a post on a day I had off

Not too good at this blog every day thing. I found out about it on the second and missed my first post on the fourth. At least I've posted more entries than days, thanks to the archive posts.

I'm tagging myself on a blog 'meme' wherein I list 7 facts about myself. I'll do my best to avoid simply listing books I've read.

1.) I've read all of Proust's A la recherch du temps perdu. I read it in English translation, but cite the French because it's fancy. I mean, because it's known by two English titles, the Shakespearean Remembrance of Things Past and the more accurate In Search of Lost Time. I've read the first volume 3 times, and also a comic book adaptation of the opening "Combray" segment (and posted on that somewhere). There are big parts swaths where I thought I was simply running my eyes across words, but a hundred pages later would be swept up in the cumulative force of the preceding mass of observations.

2.) I keep up on current happenings in the major comic book universes through a combination of webpages, podcasts, and first hand reading. To me, it's like the news; I just want to be an informed citizen of the multiverse. I now shudder because of the geekiness of that statement and from the fact that you already know that I keep up with said shiznitz from reading earlier posts.

3.) What's more, my dream job is to be a comic book writer. A straight-up, give-the-people-what-they-want, work-for-hire comic book hack.

4.)My wife and I got married in Las Vegas. Her name was Lola. She was a dancer.

5.) I have an amateur interest in the field of professional communication. The oddness of this statement can only come out in a separate entry.

6.) As a boy, I ran a fantasy baseball team. Not a team made up of real players banded together nor even of all-time greats, but a team of imaginary players with carefully crafted skill sets and backgrounds who would play and invariably defeat real world teams, while breaking selected single season records.

7.) I once saw a spider the size of a dinner plate. Or I like heavy metal. A lot. Or I fell in high school gym class and hurt my wrist, which still hurts to this day. I don't know how to end a list like this....

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